A Dream Team

All friends are welcomed to join a dream team work.  We work not only dream.   It would be great if a dream team can keeps in touch with friends.  On the first week of July, the group of CT 25, namely Ms Kawarin(May), Mr.Pichet@offshore and Mr.Hector Tin-Converse(Asanupong) gave news update. Both of May and Chet can be found easily at  Facebook, but Tin now practice "NINJA" in UAE. Guess whos in the following pics.
fig.1 Beauty Beau

fig.2 shared by a good looking guy in fig.3

                                               Fig. 3 Mr.Pichet where are you?
Fig.4 Tin and Colleque

                                          Fig.5 No Money No Talk

A dream team never let our friendships fizzle, elicit them and keep them alive!
To HectorTin,
    Don't cry for me Argentina.  Argent Team cant reach for a star. By the way congratulation to German Team. Next 4 year, Argentina will be the World Cup Champion. Who know.  Send you some song as a link

- 5 August 2010, CE Dean candidates show time;
  I did some records of Thai Version for all, if you have time please leave your openion who will be suited for running our beloved school.

Audio of
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